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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  September 21, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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because of reviews. the new push to end future stale mates gets a big shot in the arm. >> new details why police arrested a driver in a deadly crash in the south bay good evening, it is tuesday september 21st, i am gasia mikaelian. it is dinner time around the bay area, many of us are eating at home more often. a popular dining guide published its annual dining guide with food for thought how the economy is impacting restaurants. mike. >> reporter: gasia, it is tuesday night here in september and this spot along northern water front, well, it is not quite happening but then again this is san francisco and san francis cans have their
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favorites, that is one reason why some restaurants in the city are having a good year. the kitchen of a san francisco classic. the service according to customer, spot on. this is the grill. ly. >> reporter: its doors opened back in 1849 survived an earthquake, depression and a number of recessions. >> our portions have not shrunk. our quality has not sacrificed whatsoever we still bring in the freshest products available. >> reporter: and fresh is important. the new 2011 zaagat consumer survey is out 80% of diners want organic products available. >> i think people are being much more careful about what they spend, they are cutting out expensive bottles of wine
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which are pure profit for the restaurant. >> reporter: according to the survey bay area residents eat out 2.3 times a week before the recession 3.2 times a week. despite the drop, 94 new restaurants have opened up in the last year. >> it suggests people who know most about the industry are optimistic enough to put millions of dollars each into the business. >> the best places in the city are just little hole in the wall places that don't look like anything. >> reporter: s san francisco resident taylor smith said he noticed the prices dropped and they have. the average price of a meal slipped 1.6%, from $39.40 to $38.78. a meal here averages $39 while business is up from last year, execution has been the same. >> it is the standard people have known. >> reporter: while the majority
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of the zagat diners reported poor service as their biggest irritant, tips have gone up. ktvu channel 2 news. the survey once again ranks, gary dankell as the most popular restaurant in the bay area, number one since 2005. following that, top ten are boulevard, slanted door, french laundry and cyrus, rounding out the top ten, ... this year's top ten is exactly the same as last year's although some eateries changed position. federal reserve board today held its final scheduled meeting before november election and december cussed providing more stimulus. the fed announced it is prepared if necessary to take additional steps to boost the economy buzz announced no significant -- but announced no significant action. it left interest rates
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unchanged. the announcement provided an immediate lift on wall street. dow eked out a 7 point gain, nasdaq lost 6. >> mayor and former mayor -- manager that is of the southern california city of bell were among 8 current and former city officials arrested on fraud charges. prosecutors say the group helped themselves to more than $5 million in excessive salaryillegal personal loans. the mayor was paid $800,000 a year and being held in lieu of $800,000 bail. >> they used the hard tax dollars collectioned from the hard working citizens as their own piggy bank which they looted at will. his $457,000 salary legally being paid in excessive salary is not a crime. state capital was dark
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today and no one was talking about california's record budget impasse the governor is sick and they have left town. the stale mate is giving prop 5 supporters ammunition. >> day 83, no talks scheduled in the governor's office and the bulk of legislature is on vacation. what can be done? some say voters can solve future stale mates with a yes vote on 25. >> proposition 25 would have a huge impact, that you wouldn't see nearly delays on an average year. >> reporter: richard stapler is a spokesman for yes on 25 which launched the first television ad of this campaign prop 25 would make it easier to pass a budget replacing the current 2/3rds vote with a simple majority raising taxes would take a 2/3rd, vote and late budgets would hurt lawmakers in the wallet. they don't get paid and they don't get paid back until
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they -- they don't get paid back at all even if they pass a budget. >> you would think this is a grass roots effort a way to punish legislature it is not. >> howard jar voice tax payers legislation said 25 is full of loopholes. for example lawmakers could pass a phoney budget no governor would sign. >> as long as they submit it they continue to get their pay. >> the real goal of 25 is give democrats ability to pass a budget without republican votes. taxes will increase. >> any charge or suggestion to say that prop 25 will make it easier to pass taxes is absolutely absurd. >> proposition 25 would shift power democrats and majority would benefit republicans currently minority would have less objective to block a budget they don't like. members of the san mateo county democratic party and central labor council joined forces to demonstrate outside a
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fund raiser for republican gubernatorial candidate fundraiser, meg whitman. they objected condaleeza rice's appearance at the event. the policies are responsible for the current situation. white house said today the first lady will make a 12 day, 6 state trip in october to campaign for democrats seeking re-election in november, october 25th appearance for house speaker nancy pelosi and barbara boxer in a tight candidate with gop candidate. the ballot measure to legalize marijuana tried to sway public opinion. opponents of prop 19 gathered in san francisco and argued it would lead to increased
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marijuana use and drug dependence and put california in conflict with federal drug laws. >> marijuana is a schedule one substance and california cannot pass its own law to aggregate those federal laws. >> we have an opportunity to cut into half of what we spent on law enforcement, courts prisons. >> in oakland prop 19 supporters argue legalization would help law enforcement focus on more serious crimes and they said taxing pot growers could help citycounties balance budgets. get a closer look at both sides of the issue clicking on the pot lee gaggization tab at >> oakland police just released a sketch they say resembles the man sexually assaulted two women around lake merit an african american man, 5'10" to 6'0", armed with a weapon detectives say the man robbed and sexually assaulted the
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women. one woman was attacked east 18th, lake shore boulevard and another on third avenue. police are search for a hit and run driver who killed a cyclist. the 25-year-old was killed at 6:50 a.m. in san jose's elvisto neighbourhood they are asking anyone who have seen the collision to call investigators. >> an 18-year-old san jose man is under arrest on felony d u i and vehicular manslaughter charges in a fiery crash that killed his 18-year-old passenger. the driver lost control of his ford explorer 3:00 a.m. this morning and smashed into a light pole near oh grey didrive and the explorer burst into flames. the driver was able to free himself but the male passenger died in the fire. >> i knew right away it was the white explorer when my mom told me i hoped it wasn't someone i knew but i talked to my friends and it was someone i knew.
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>> medical examiner has not yet released the victims name police say they found pennings a block away from the scene of the crash intoxicated. >> marin county investigators say an anonymous donor is offering a 25,000 dollars reward to solve the killing of a 75-year-old woman in tub on. she was found one year ago tomorrow outside rosenthal's home on hillary drive. she was fay it wily shot -- fay it will lay shot the motive remains a history. marin county investigators have spent almost 4,000 hours on the case and interviewed more than 100 people. san francisco board of super visors approved a proposal expected to make it more difficult to buy cigarettes in the sit it. it would ban cigarette sales from grocery and big box stores that operate pharmacies. it closes a loophole in a 2008 city ordinance that prohibits sales in drugstores such as walgreens. a state court sides with
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walgreens saying the ban unfairly targeted stand alone pharmacies. the final vote is set for next week. supervisors today also passed a special fee on beer, wine, hard liquor sales and mayor newsom promptly vetoed it revenue would have been used to pay the cost of treating alcohol abuse. the mayor argues the fee would probably be illegal and hurt the city's hospitality industry. marine biologists say the whale that washed up on ocean beach yesterday may be a rare specimen experts say the 47- foot whale is characteristics of two different endangered whales the fin whale and say whale the two species have never been known to interbreed. marine ma mall researchers -- mammal researchers took tissue samples. they moved it above the high tide line and buried it today. twitter targeted by hackers. sending users to some unseemly websites. >> if new list is out of the
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bay area's most polluted waterways it carries a caveat some cities cannot afford. >> cooler but things are heating up. which day is in the five day forecast will be the hottest
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ac transit riders sounded off downtown oakland to oppose further cuts to bus service. they marched to headquarters to express views. it will leave students unable to get to classes and strand senior and disabled riders. the av transit board is expected to vote tomorrow to slash service and increase fairs to offset the budget deficit. >> bed bug infestations are becoming an increasing problem at hotels, apartments and homes in the bay area, and across the
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nation. in the south bay, control experts say the tiny insect numbers have jumped this year. in response, a computer programmer created a website enabling people to report bed bug encounters in specific cities. bed bug says he set up the site after a traumatic experience in a san francisco hotel. being called a major defeat for gay rights groups, senate republicans block blocked legislation to allow gays to serve openly in the military. it may have been the best hope to repeal the ban. >> he was the first u.s. soldier wounded in the long war in iraq march 2003. but sergeant eric has become better known for another reason the openly gay former service member became an out spoken critic. >> my straight friends or gay friends people have always had the reaction to they are proud of me and even a master sergeant i served with said
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after 27 years in the military, if he had to go back to war i would be the first service member he would take. >> reporter: there has been a strong push the white house supported the repeal, senate democratic leaders too and this large last minute rally by lady gaga tried to swing public support. >> republicans called today's vote an election year ploy voting before the military first completes a study on the issue requested by pentagon top brass. >> our troops under a lot of stress in two wars this is a major policy change i would like to get the input from the service members before we change the law. >> reporter: a different u.s. senator said they will try to pass a repeal again after the november election. the outlook is murky republicans almost certain to pick up seats, not one member of the gop voted for this today. the failure of the bill
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containing the repeal of don't ask don't tell killed legislation to create a path to citizenship for many undocumented citizens. the dream act would have allowed those under age 35 to receive green cards after spending two years in college or military. more than 2 million people could have been eligible with more than a quarter of those living here in california. twitter says it was the target of hackers early this morning, san francisco based site said hackers exploited a security flaw to send links to spam and pornography. users who moved their cursors over the links opened these sites. robert gibbs was effected. twitter called it a prank and said the hole has been fixed. a judge will rule by friday if he will lift his effective moratorium on executions setting the stage for the first execution in more than four years. we got a look inside the new
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death chamber at san quentin. it is much larger than the old chamber last used to execute 76- year-old alan in january 2006. judge voguele heard arguments on both sides with the state saying they object to how lethal injections are carried out. a list has come out before but new this year the mandate requiring any area on the list to be thoroughly cleaned. jim vargas explains in this report. >> reporter: the group save the bay today announced a list of 225 so called trash hot spots. state and regional water quality agencies are mandating cities permanently cut trash in these locations. 40% by 2014 and they have to totally eliminate garbage within 12 years. >> comes in through the different storm drains, out falls, that are along the different creeks. >> reporter: save the bay says
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much of the trash like plastic and styrofoam is toxic. >> we know visually it is bad but since cities identified 225 hot spots, that is indicative how big a problem it is. >> reporter: no one will argue the bay should be clean but the newman date could be expensive for cities such as south san francesco. >> all the floatables, trash, end up down in these stretches. >> reporter: public works director terry white says the clean up bill for his city could be more than $400,000 a year to get started. >> cities do not have that kind of money to try to control all of that, and that money is the same money that you use for recreation programs, and libraries and police and fire. >> reporter: the state expectscities to install trash capture devices in storm drains and save the bay is working with cities to ban plastic bags, tackling the problem at the source.
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jim vargas, ktvu channel 2 news. >> san jose police department sharply cut support for policeathletic league. a folks woman said it takes five officers and an administrative person to fully staff the program. as of yesterday three officers will return to patrol duties. they serve some 7,000 children and have 600 volunteers programs include football, baseball, soccer martial arts. a ray of hope for a troubled bay area school district. coming up, work begins on a new multipurpose center in richmond that will help more than just students. >> bay area temperatures set to rebound. how hot it might get. >> bay area news at 7, multimedia newscast. not near a tv, watch us online we are streaming live at
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lots of us are sick or hurt we have four times as many emotional problems as other kids i'll have to move over and over again. i'm twice as likely to drop out of high school. there's a 50-50 chance i'll end up homeless. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. >> richmond's elementary school broke ground for a new multipurpose center that will open its doors not just to students but the entire community they joined with the city of richmond on this project it will complement new housing, city center and parks build in the low income iron
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triangle neighbourhood. the project includes renovation of an eastern campus and should be complete in two years. yesterday right about this time we talked about cooling temperatures, bill is here to talk about the fact we will keep seeing them. >> dropped off from yesterday, as much as 5 and 8 degrees highs today cooler obviously tomorrow will be cooler as well and mild out there as well, check out san jose 64 degrees. 65 over in oakland, 65 san francisco a little fog at the coast, the forecast tonight will be for temperatures mainly upper 40s. mid-50s a little bit of coastal fog but not as much as last night when you wake up a little bit of fog but not as much as this morning a rapid burn off a lot of sunshine tomorrow temperatures still on the mild side. then a big warm up as we head into thursday, friday, saturday sunday here are your overnight lows the fog push is you can see it highlighted in here, san raphael. a little bit of fog richmond out towards berkley, oakland
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not anticipating fog fairfield, liver more not going to have a major push we saw this morning. that means we will start off clearer, more sunshine this cooler weather pattern will begin to move on and as it does, temperatures will begin heating especially on thursday, friday, saturday. high pressure comes in, the winds want to go offshore, scoops the fog away this is a classic summer or fall weather pattern this is what you expect this time of year temperatures heat up on friday and saturday that means an increase in fire danger,lessened air quality and temperatures back into the 90s. seems hot out there in some places, as we go into the next -- thursday and friday. forecast highs tomorrow yellows, just 70. so tomorrow another mild day windy conditions, patchy fog not very warm now come back tomorrow night i will show you this forecast for thursday, we will see oranges and reds coming out towards the west. so heat will come out of the valley thursday and friday and start to warm us up. tomorrow is a mild day again in
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walnut creek. 66 degrees lunchtime, 73 degrees for daytime high. 75 fairfield, 74 liver more, 74 pleasonton, nice day, good air quality, a little bit of fog sunnyvale you wake up clear end up with 70 degrees and along the coast patchy fog, afternoon clearing and temperatures it will be in the low 60s. that is your wednesday forecast, your thursday forecast as you see here temperatures start to come up bottom numbers here, 85 temperatures on the increase see you tonight at 10. >> thank you. president obama today paid tribute to an act of bravery carried out more than 4 decades ago during the vietnam war he post hue mousily awarded it he died in 1968 at a secret facility in laos he was killed by enemy fire. his three sons attended the
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white house ceremony. >> that is tonight's report i am, gasia mikaelian.
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